How to Hide Folder in Windows 10

Looking for the tricks to hide a folder in Windows 10? Well! There are many ways you can use in this context. You can use a handy tool to protect a folder with a password that will hide it from the access of other people and it will not be visible on its primary location and also free from antimalware service executable issue. But you can cover up a folder without using a tool too.

Hide a Folder Without Using a Software

Hide Folder

If you use a shared computer and are afraid that other users can change or delete some of your sensitive data, you can just put your data files in one folder and hide it from the access of others. That is a very simple technique you can apply by using Windows 10. Let’s see how you can do so.

  • To begin, go to the location where you have saved the folder you want to hide. Right-click the folder and select the option “Properties” that lie at the bottom of the options.
  • When the Properties of that folder open, at the bottom of the window you will see the option “Hidden”. Check this option. Click “Apply” to apply changes and “OK” to close this window.

Your folder is hidden now. Let’s check how to make it re-appear if you need to view its content or add a new file to it.

  • Now go to Windows Explorer. You will see a few tabs at the top. You should select “View” tab to show its content.
  • It will show you some check boxes where you have to click “Hidden Items” to mark it.
  • As soon as you mark this option, you will see the hidden files and folders. You can open your desired folder to view the files to make amendments accordingly.

Hide a Folder by Using a Software

Hide Folder By using Software

If you want to use a third-party app to do so, the best is “Easy File Locker.” which is free from dns unlocker adware if you’re already facing problems from this adware then check out this guide on how to delete dns unlocker first.

  • It can hide not only a file but also a folder. You need to download it ( and install on your system.
  • Now open the tool to view its content. Here you will see a sign “+” surrounded by a box. Click this sign to add a folder. Browse your desired folder and add to it.
  • Now click “System” tab and select the option “Set Password.” It will show you a Window with password option where you have to add a password and re-enter it below to confirm. Click “OK” to save it.
  • You will see the folder is no more visible for others.
  • If you want to make it visible, you need to open “Easy File Locker” again and click “System” tab. Select the option “Stop Protection” to make the folder visible on its location.

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