How to Find Best Portable Toilet [2016-2017]

How to Find best portable toilet

How to Find best portable toilet

The portable camping toilet is quite common but it is very difficult to find the best toilet as there is a big collection is available in the market. If you want to acquire the product that provides you services for easy waste disposal then select the product which contains a biodegradable sack. This product is specially designed to dispose of the waste in a convenient manner and you can easily bury it. But keep in mind that the location you choose to bury the waste is at least 100 yards far from any source of water and about 6 inches in depth. It is better to use the toilet paper that can be disintegrated in a rapid manner as compared to the paper that takes a long time to fall apart.

Volume of Toilet

Another major aspect is the toilet volume. If you are planning to go for an overnight camp then a small sized toilet is the better option for you but if you want to spend a week then consider other options.

Ease of use

Select the product according to your location. It is better to choose such type of product that is easy to handle and you can adjust it easily without taking any extra time. Avoid the products that are difficult to handle or takes considerable time in adjustment.


Before finalizing the product, make it sure that you check the dimension of the toilet. There are multiple sizes are available for bag disposal and flush. Moreover, there is a need for additional space to fit the product. During hiking, it is necessary to have the appropriate size of the toilet and it is better to acquire a portable product that is easy to handle. Moreover, it is preferable to select the product according to the weight capacity that how much capacity of the product is to tolerate the weight.



Another important factor is to choose the product that is capable of providing you a privacy. There are very few toilets that can be used in picnic or tailgate parties and provide you a complete privacy shelter. Additionally, if you are not able to search the product that is available with a shelter to offer you a complete privacy then you can take advantage from a separate shelter. There are various types of separate privacy shelters are available in the market with different colors and sizes and you can pick the item that is suitable for you.

Types of portable toilets and usage area

There are various types of portable products are available in the market with a huge range of sizes. One of the portable products includes a composting toilet that is appropriate for the remote static location. In such location, there is no drainage system and water is also not found in such places so you can easily use these products in these locations.  Moreover, people can also use them in boats so you can select the product which features are more beneficial for you.

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