4 Popular Errors that made Users’ Lives Hell

4 Gadgets' Errors that made Consumers' Lives Hell

Everyone want their lives full of peace and hassle free. Science created machines to make our lives easy but when those robots don’t listen to us, it’s the most annoying moment on the Earth. One can fulfill his needs with a $20 phone with no advanced features but he buys a $600 phone to make his life easier and when it doesn’t happen, he wishes to break that device with a brick. In my whole life I never found a single machine that was lag free, android, Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and other OS and devices all have some kind of problems with them, I’m waiting for a day when there will be no glitch in any of the device, may be that day will be end of the World. Anyway, I don’t want to make you feel like you’re going through a milky way so let’s start discussing some hilarious errors that just broke the internet when users tried to find their solutions.

iTunes 3194 Error:

If you’re a iOS geek you must be aware of this error, no matter how much advanced iTunes version you’re using you’ll face this error when you’ll try to upgrade your iOS to the latest iOS version. It is because of some uneeded ips in the host file of iTunes that conflicts with server connection and user face this error, below are methods to resolve this error:

iTunes 3194 Error

  • Remove ips from the host file.
  • Change your ip via any ip changer and proceed.

Runtime Error:

It happens when you try to run programs in Windows OS, it could be a compatibility issue or it also could be because of wrong software development. Below are solutions to fix it:

Runtime Error

  • Run program in compatibility modes, you can do it via program’s properties.
  • Try reinstalling the program again.
  • Update the program and run it again.

DNS error:

DNS errors are most common nowadays and they don’t let users to use internet with ease. Most famous ones are DNS server not responding and DNS server could not be found, by the way you can use this guide to fix DNS server not responding error. DNS errors can be resolved by the below solutions:

DNS error

  • Flush DNS cache
  • Restart or reset modem
  • Use public DNS

Android Errors:

Errors in Android devices are most common because of the Android OS, no doubt Androids have lots of features but they also have glitches. The most common ones are Insufficient Storage error and mobile network not available errors. By the way here is a fix to solve mobile network not available error.

mobile network not available error.

Solution for Insufficient storage:

  • Clean your phone and delete junk files.
  • Use clean master Android app.
  • add more storage by using a better storage card.

Solution for Mobile network not available:

  • Displace and again insert sim and battery.
  • Update current firmware.
  • Reset your phone to factory settings.